Caribbean Charter Airfare vs Published Airfare

While many folks think that planning their vacation to the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, South Pacific or even Disney is easy as hopping on the biggest website and making a reservation, it does not mean you get the lowest price. Charter flights are closely-held contracted flights and rarely published. You won't find them on major website booking engines either.

What is a charter flight?

Traditional airlines, including large carriers like US Airways, American and Delta as well as smaller ones like Spirit and JetBlue, choose their routes and schedule regular departures, typically one flight per day. Charter flights are set not by the airplane owner but by tour operators that charters the plane to fly between two destinations at rates that are often lower than commercial carriers flying the same route. Tour operators pay the charter company a set fee to fly the plane whether there are ten people on the plane -- or the plane is full, which is their hope.

There is little difference from the conventional carriers when it comes to safety regulations, security, and personnel so it mainly comes down to price and convenience.

Charter Flight Convenience

Instead of relying on commercial airline routes which typically involve changing planes due to the old hub-and-spoke flight system, some of our tour operators contract non-stop charter flights to fly passengers straight to popular vacation spots like Cancun, Punta Cana and Jamaica. The destination is almost always someplace warm and flights are usually sold only with resorts as part of a package. Departure times are ideal for vacationers, leaving early on certain days of the week so you can be on the beach by midday.

Charter Flight Price

Tour operators pay one price per plane trip and they decide how much to charge each passenger, usually less than their competing commerical flights but enough to make a profit. Charter flight rates fluctuate based on season and demand. While commercial carriers tend to raise prices as the departure nears and the plane fills up, charter flights become much more economical and in demand because the rate doesn't go up. That's when some tour operators sell seats on charter flights at bargain rates, either alone or as part of a vacation package.

Additional Charter Flight Savings

Many of our charter flights include your first checked bag FREE - which is an instant $50/per person savings ($25 per person, each way!) above and beyond the ticket savings. You have to factor that in to the savings and all of the other charges that commercial airlines are assessing travelers these days.

The Cons of Charter Flights

Some charters only fly a few times per week, some weekly, and then there are a few scheduled sporadically for special events and peak travel seasons. Limited departures mean little flexibility. If the schedule doesn't fit with your needs, there's no alternative but the higher-priced commercial airlines. And if you miss your charter flight, chances are you won't be able to catch another later that day or even the day after if the charter does have a scheduled departure. Otherwise the charter is the same, taking you from point-A to point-B for a lower, set fee than commercial airlines.

Enchanting Caribbeans Charter Flights

If you work with one of our travel agents utilizing our Request Quote feature, your personal travel agent will ensure that we check for charter flights from your departing airport and make suggestions on departure dates if needed. This is our committment to clients, ensuring the lowest price.

If you want to price this yourself, we will direct you to one of our partners who service your departing airport and vacation destination using a charter before we recommend commercial flights. Keep in mind, the choice is yours -- check for different dates before and after to get the best selection of flights.

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