Manzanillo Climate & Weather

The daily temperature ranges from 75° to 82° F, while nights cool off to a comfortable 63° to 75° F.

Vacationing in Manzanillo

The festive atmosphere of Manzanillo’s streets, the hospitality of its inhabitants, together with its natural wealth and magnificent tourist facilities make this an ideal setting for activities ranging from sport fishing, adventure tourism and strolling along the beach to sampling the delicious local cuisine.

Manzanillo’s history is a combination of tales of adventurers from overseas, pirate legends and progress. In 1522, Hernán Cortés and his crew disembarked in what would later be known as Manzanillo in search of the treasures of China in the Pacific. In 1527, the mariner Álvaro Saavedra discovered what is now Manzanillo which he called Bahía de Santiago de la Buena Esperanza. Cortés used this bay on two occasions to protect his galleons from Portugues pirates. The Nao de la China, from the Phillippines, also berthed in this bay with its priceless cargo. The mystery and wealth of the Nao attracted pirates from Portugal, England, France and Spain who attacked, looted and burned boats to steal their valuable freight. In 1825, the Port of Manzanillo, so-called because of the enormous amount of fruit trees it contained in its forests, was opened, and in 1873, it was raised to the status of a city. In 1908, following the inauguration of the railroad connection to Guadalajara, Porfirio Díaz made it an official entry port. Its recent modernization has made Manzanillo one of the most important ports on the west coast of Mexico.

Manzanillo, set on the Mexican Pacific coast, was once the scene of piracy and adventure. Nowadays, its peaceful bays and sophisticated tourist and port infrastructure have made it one of the main tourist resorts and trading centers in the west of Mexico.

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