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Vacationing in Las Vegas, NV

Trying to describe Las Vegas in a few hundred words is a formidable task. Should the focus be on the city’s mystic qualities – the dazzling lights and glittering resorts where more than 35 million pleasure-seeking tourists wager millions of dollars every year? Or should one look beyond the myth, at a southwestern metropolitan area that is home to 1.4 million people – a place with schools, parks, grocery stores, and quiet neighborhoods populated by people from every state in the union?

One city, two stories. But that’s always been the history of Las Vegas. Its very creation seems like the ultimate contrast: Las Vegas, Spanish for "the meadows," was founded by Mormon missionaries. These early settlers were followed by westward-traveling pioneers and, later, by the men who built Hoover Dam, the area’s first big tourist attraction. The legalization of gambling in the 30s transformed the city into an American Xanadu, where a street lined with stately pleasure domes tempts travelers searching for excitement, cuisine, entertainment and shopping.

Dreams of riches are usually just that; but the dream of a better life, one that adds some 50,000 modern-day pioneers to the population every year, is one that can come true. From the urban beat of a big city to the wide-open spaces of the outlying landscape, there’s a place in Las Vegas to suit everyone. Jobs are plentiful, thanks to a booming local economy and a pro-business environment in which companies do not pay corporate income, franchise, inventory, or unitary taxes. The cost of living in Las Vegas is lower than in other comparable U.S. cities, in part because of the absence of any personal income tax. The people are friendly, the climate is healthy and there’s something fun to do every night of the week.

Falling in love with Las Vegas is easy to do. "The Entertainment Capital of the World" welcomes 35 million people a year. Visitors love to enjoy luxurious hotels, unique shopping experiences, dazzling and unusual stage shows, first rate restaurants, and world class gaming. Of course, Las Vegas is also a golfer's paradise, with plenty of championship golf courses.

Away from the man-made excitement is a world of natural beauty unlike any other place on earth. Red Rock Canyon's unique rock formations are perfect for both the photographer and the rock climbing enthusiast. Mt. Charleston offers hiking, skiing, camping and all the wonderful sensations of the High Sierras. Lake Mead is perfect if you're into water sports. The Grand Canyon, Valley of Fire, and Death Valley are all short hops from the Strip.

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