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Loreto Climate & Weather

Loreto has 360 days of clear skies, with an average temperature around 80° F. Winter temperatures range from the low 60s to upper 70s, while the summer temperatures climb to the high 90s.

Vacationing in Loreto

Loreto is known as "The First Capital of the Californias" and is truly a paradise. The contrast of the Sierra Giganta and the Blue Sea of Cortez creates a perfect location for deep sea fishing, swimming with sea lions, crystal clear scuba diving, and great golf. Loreto is a place that encourages you to commune with nature, play watersports and take the Baja 1000 route in search of whales, cave paintings, and colonial missions.
Loreto's climate, infrastructure, and relative isolation makes it ideal for resting and forgetting about the pressures of everyday life. It is precisely this long isolation that preserved Loreto’s unusual attractions such as its beaches, clean sea and sky, fragile environmental marine and semi-desert niches that have subsisted and provide refuge for endangered species. From an urban point of view, Loreto is remarkable for the contrasts between its colonial heritage, the advance of modernization and the fact that it has managed to preserve the simple, friendly, cheerful atmosphere of small communities.
Loreto was once the capital of a piece of territory stretching from California to Texas that included Sonora, Sinaloa and Coahuila. Nowadays it is the heart of a natural paradise known as the Sea of Cortes. Located between the sea and the Sierra de la Giganta, the city is approximately 400 km from the far south of the peninsula and has a warm climate.

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