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Over-the-water bungalows, Bermuda. Evening at the bungalows

Over-the-water bungalows, Bermuda. Top Banana Cabanas

Over-the-water bungalows, Bermuda. Aqua Vista Cabanas

Over-the-water bungalows, Bermuda. Sea Forever Cabanas

Over-the-water bungalows, Bermuda. Coco Coral Cabanas

Over-The-Water Private Cabanas in Bermuda

Our bungalows are undergoing a $55 million renovation and will re-open early summer 2013.

When you arrive in Bermuda, you'll take a shuttle from the airport to a picturesque Bermuda cove (by Somerset Bridge - the world's tiniest drawbridge).

Our skipper will pick you up by boat and bring you around to our unique Bermuda resort situated on a peninsula on the western tip of Bermuda. You will be met at the Resort's own private dock with a welcome drink and escorted directly to your private ocean-view cabana.

Unexpected, airy and deliciously different. Just what you'd expect at here.

All 84 private cabanas sit on stilts and all have a view of the Atlantic ocean. The cabanas dot the hillsides of the peninsula with some located right on our beaches. A few are actually built out over the water and are connected by boardwalks. All the cabanas have wooden deck floors and those directly over the water have plexi-glass windows (2'x4') in the floor so you can see our tropical fish swim by.

Each soft-sided cabana feels very open with lots of windows and French doors that open to a spacious veranda facing the water. Window screens keep Mother Nature outside while ceiling fans and tropical off-shore breezes help keep you comfortable inside. Air conditioning is available in all cabanas.

A Designer's Touch

Lynn Wilson, a world-renowned Five Star Interior Designer is working on smart designs for 9 Beaches private cabanas. Lynn has completed a multitude of prestigious projects including the Biltmore and Boca Raton Hotels, Queen Elizabeth's Widlesham Moore Estate in Ascot, England, and Taj Mahal in India just to name a few.

Totally Unique

The cabanas are incredibly sturdy structures with aluminum frames and double walls of an extremely durable space-age soft-sided sailcloth-like material proven to withstand high winds.

Need proof? For any lawyer reading this, when hurricane Fabian had a direct hit on Bermuda in September 2003 everyone was amazed at how our cabanas faired far better than many big hotels on the island.

Just so you know, the roof of each cabana is also made out of this same soft-sided sailcloth-like material. A bit unusual perhaps but hey, you're at 9 Beaches, where you will always do the unexpected. We do have it on good authority that at night, when it rains as it's inclined to do many places on earth, that the raindrops on the sailcloth roof is unbelievably romantic. But then again, you can be the judge.

Over-The-Water Bundgalows - 7 nights

Departs: Daily
Price Starts: $1,350 pp (land only)
Package Includes:
  • 7 nights Sea Forever Cabanas
  • Room tax
  • Buffet breakfast daily
  • All transfers and baggage handling

Cabana Options

All 84 cabanas have ocean vistas, but prices vary by season, location, view, and privacy.

Top Banana Cabanas (11 available): The best locations at the Resort, standing over the water on stilts, some have viewing panels (2'x4') in the floor that reveal tropical fish underfoot, and have unobstructed views of the Ocean.
Aqua Vista Cabanas (18 available): Right at the water's edge and anchored on sea side rocks offering unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean. Some have plexi-glass floor panels (2'x4') that reveal the sea life at the ocean bottom.
Sea Forever Cabanas (35 available): Set back slightly from the water's edge, but offering direct access to the beach, plus unobstructed ocean views from the veranda.
Coco Coral Cabanas (15 available): dot the bluffs and nine coves, and have partial views of the Ocean as well.

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